Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters

We welcome everyone on the official website of the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters, where water meets the canoeing skills of children and youngsters alike. Here, people will be able to find detailed information about the club, its grounds, staff, members, as well as some insight into what the club stands for and what are the beliefs of its initiators.

Historical data will also be presented, allowing one to immerse himself/herself into the troubled past that characterizes our canoeing club and find out even more about the events that have passed in order for it to become what it is today. People are encouraged to have a look on the website and gather more information about the club’s status, current members, possibilities for registration and how it succeeded in becoming the iconic canoeing venue that it is known for at present.

When it comes to the club’s origins and founders, there’s really no wonder why the club has been established in these parts of the country. Featuring numerous rivers with exceedingly large flows and rich with waterfalls, these northern parts proved to be the ideal grounds for such activities since the early 18th century.

The current owners of the canoeing club aren’t its founders. People must be aware that the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters has been founded by a larger group of people who were passionate about the sport and wanted to be able to have fun in the water with a canoe.

For those who wish to find out even more about the canoeing club, we invite them to have a look on the following pages and browse the club’s history in order to better understand its fundamentals.