Canoeing for Beginners – Get to Know how to Paddle

Those out there who are interested in canoeing have come to the right place when they decided to find out more about Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters. Here, people who wish to enter this sport and begin practicing it wildownload-72l have the chance of receiving proper training from specialized staff and experts who hold numerous years of experience.

Be it beginners or even advanced users, the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters will accommodate everyone and there aren’t any special criteria that need to be met in order to become part of the club and one of its members. Also, all ages are supported and there is no gender inequality. In other words, if you are passionate about canoeing and wish to practice this sport in a pleasurable environment, surrounded by specialists, the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters is the right place to be.

What’s special about this place is the fact that initially it was founded as canoeing club for children; a sort of academy, so to speak, where children and juniors had the chance to attend and learn the basics and advanced aspects of canoeing. Time passed and the name stuck, being a constant reminder of its ancient origins.

Those who wish to register in the club will either have to fill the online registration form or personally come by the club’s headquarters, where specialized staff will assist them in the registration process. There are two main packages: one for seniors and one for juniors, the age limit that separates the two being 18 years. The prices include special discounts for prolonged attending (more than two years) or for students and retired veterans.

Once registered to the club, the members will be able to attend theoretical courses where they will be able to learn the basics of canoeing and in a later stage go in the field with the specialists and perform the actual activity in the vast domains of the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters. After completing the initial six month course, both senior and junior members will receive their honorary certificate, which will enable them to practice this sport on any mountain river that is classified as a canoeing-safe water course.