Register in the Canoeing Club

Everyone is welcome at becoming part of the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters and learn, practice and love the sport of canoeing. Attaining the membership status has never been easier and thanks to the great customer support and the accessible registration forms presented on this page, people will have no trouble in registering for a membership. There are several ways to register in the club, but the most important ones involve either creating an online account using the forms provided on this page or going to the club in person and registering face-to-face with the staff members.

No matter the choice, the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters staff members will ensure a straightforward registration process that will save people from unnecessary paperwork and will make the registration process an easy undertaking.

By creating an online account, people must adhere to the website’s non-disclosure policy, since the paid memberships will grant users access to the patented techniques and information that is presented by the canoeing instructors of the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters. Therefore, in order to ensure that the innovative information remains safe within the club’s “boundaries”, one of the main requirements that users need to fulfill in order to becofather_and_son_paddle_a_canoe_on_riverme members, is to agree to the non-disclosure statement.

The non-disclosure agreement applies for both registration forms and those who come personally at the club’s headquarters and register face-to-face with the help of the dedicated staff, will also have to agree to the statement. Once all the formalities are completed, people will be able to start the process of training. The courses provided by the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters include a theoretical and a practical part, each one leading to gaining a certification for canoeing.

The theoretical part will last three months and it is comprised of general canoeing information, with numerous technical details about canoe characteristics, types, handling, buoyancy, etc. Once the theoretical course has been successfully completed, its participants will be eligible for the practical training, which will take place on the beautiful rivers that comprise the club’s vast domains. Completing the practical part of the course will bring its participants a certificate of completion and of qualification for canoeing and rafting in safe rivers.