Specialized Courses for Advanced Canoeing

For those who are interested in receiving a certification that could allow them to use their canoes on practically any river on Earth or which could allow them to teach this discipline, the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters offers specialized training for advanced users who wish to “step-up” their game and become professionals. Just as with the registration for tcanoe-922308_960_720he regular courses, people will need to use the online form provided in this page and be careful to check the ‘”Specialized Courses” box at the end of the form.

People who wish to register face-to-face at the club’s grounds are more than welcome to do so and the staff out there is always waiting for anyone to cross their doorstep and enter the wonderful world of canoeing. After the registration process, people will be enrolled in the advanced canoeing training module, which will last a total of two years. The first year will encompass theoretical knowledge about canoeing and it will end with an examination, both written and oral.

Upon completion of the first year of advanced training, people will then be eligible for the second module of the advanced course, which will be comprised mostly of practical exercises and on-location training, in the vast domains of the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters. The completion of the second part of the advanced training, will result in the users being awarded with the qualification of canoeing masters, which will allow them to canoe all over the world and even perform training and drills for other people who wish to learn this sport.