Team Standings for the Last Season

The Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters also has its own team of members who are registered in the International Canoeing Circuit, which means that they actively participate in the canoeing competitions all around the world. Currena_canoe_at_the_river_number_2_-_sierra_leonetly consisting of 10 crew men, the team is made up of both men and women and it is divided into two main categories: juniors and seniors.

Although not among the top three positions in the world rankings, the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters’s canoeing team constantly brings home outstanding results, which puts it in the first five teams of the world each season. Last season’s results are particularly special, since they were the driving factor that helped the team rise to the fifth position in the world rank standings. Constantly battling and working hard in order to bring home trophies for the club, both the juniors and seniors of the team are driven by their underlying passion for canoeing and what this sport means to them and their families.

Some of the team’s members have had a longstanding tradition in canoeing, having direct relation with the founders of canoeing in this region of the country. Others have just joined the canoeing team and only have a few years of experience. Nevertheless, all of them are always motivated and joyous when it comes to participating to competitions. It is precisely this attitude that makes them loved by the club’s owners and which gives them all the support that they’ve received so far, from the owners, fans, media and even other competitors.