The Grounds of the Canoeing Club

On the present page users will be able to find out more information about the grounds where the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters holds its activities and related operations.

Being located in the northern part of the country, the club was established here because of the abundance of water courses that feature numerous rapids and waterfalls. Precisely due to these facts, the initial group of men who practiced canoeing here in the early 1900s have decided to designate these areas as the place where their favorite activity was to be held.

Featuring a picturesque mountainous landscape, filled with green forests and many raging rivers, the domains of the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters are extensive – to say the least. With over 4000 hectares of land, this establishment is one of the greatest privately owned sports areas in the whole of the country. In this page, one will be able to find a great deal about the access points for reaching the club’s grounds, as well as how to get around it with ease.

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rowser as well as topographical maps, which people can use in order to navigate through the club’s grounds and set up the preferred route for their canoeing experience. Featuring almost 200 marked trails and 400 river segments that are certified for safe canoeing, the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters’s domains are popular among canoe enthusiasts all over the world. To attest to that fact, every year, more and more people are coming with their canoes in order to relax, have fun and enjoy their time in this beautiful natural corner of the planet.

For those who wish to become accustomed with the club’s domain and how the landscapes and rivers look, this page will provide a detailed gallery, structured according to the different sectors of the Traditional Canoeing Club for Youngsters. One can apply search filters, use a corresponding river name or trail and therefore save precious time when looking for a particular image. Those who wish for additional information about the canoeing river sectors can access the detailed information panel, where technical data, such as difficulty, flow rate, slope, river bed characteristics or lengths are provided, in order to get the big picture when planning the desired canoe trip.